Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Yinzer Smackdown: Spudbabe v. Trixie

The Historian, Elizabeth Kostova (2005)

Literary Piece of Gold or Literary Piece of Poo? You Decide!

For years now Spudbabe and Trixie have argued the merits of Kostova's 2005's bestseller.

Trixie: "The Historian is like The DaVinci Code on crack – beautifully written and well researched, it captivated me with its complex story of a father and daughter unraveling a horrifying mystery leading to Dracula. I devoured this book like none other – thank you Elizabeth Kostova!!!"

Spudbabe: "If I had to sum up this book in one sentence it would be: The Vampire Da Vinci Code minus everything good. The whole time I read this I kept thinking 'this has to get better, it's a mystery about vampires!' Spoiler alert: it didn't. So if you like unimaginative and boring vampire stories with unlikable characters, read the Twilight saga. If you want to read something slightly less terrible and embarrassing, read the Historian. I give it two soggy pierogies."

Elle Ewok: "I don't know, I only read 30 pages and then threw it against the wall. I guess that means I don't like it. Considering I will watch or read anything having to do with Vampires this is bad - I mean I continue to watch TRUE BLOOD for God's sake."

We have decided to resolve this contentious Yinzer Bookclub debate by turing it over to all three of our readers. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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  1. The Historian gets 0 pierogies. I couldn't even maintain an interest in this book on Halloween in Dracula's castle in Poinari butt-fucking Romania. The author should be staked, decapitated, burned and the ashes buried at a crossroads to be sure she never rises from the grave to revisit similar terrors on the living.