Tuesday, August 23, 2011

30 Day Shred Challenge. Wish Me Luck!

By: Elle Ewok

Okay, I know The 30 Day Shred is an exercise video and not a book but I bought it at a bookstore so I figure it is fair game for a review on SL-YBC. Plus I haven't been reading much lately. Anyway, I am currently on Day 8 of the Shred (which is much longer than I have every previously lasted). I figured if I posted my challege here, I would be less likely to wimp out and disappoint our two readers (Hi Mom!).

Up until the age of 28 I was one of those obnoxiously oblivious girls who could drink a 6 pack daily and eat nothing but fried food without gaining an ounce. Ugh how I hate those girls now, with their fried zucchini planks and midriff shirts. DAMN THE LOT OF YOU!

Anyway, then I turned 28 and my metobolism said, "That was fun! Later Loser!" I haven't seen him since. Then over the course of four years I steadily gained about 30 pounds. I didn't notice the first 15 because I'm fairly tall but I am noticing it very very much right now. I was able to lose 14 pounds before my wedding by running 3 miles a day and eating 800 calories daily. It was miserable. Then I gained it all back within 12 hours of landing in Italy for my honeymoon. Mr. Ewok and I decided to adopt the "European Lifestyle" and stuck to a strict diet of red wine, cigarettes, coffee and Guanciale Pasta. That was such a happy time.

Anyway, I want to get back to my fighting weight. I realize achieving my co-ed weight is probably ridiculous but I might as well try. My plan is to lose 5 pounds a month for 5-6 months. Slow and steady. I decided the 30 Day Shred would be a perfect way to kick off month one. So far I really like it even though it makes me cry and swear. However, if I don't get the results I want I will be supremely PO-ed after this torture.

My Goals for the 30 Day Shred:(1)Lose 5 Pounds; and (2) Lose 1 inch off hips. Anything else is gravy. Check back in 22 days for a full review of the 30 Day Shred and wish me luck!

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